Hannah Sullivan

  • Le premier recueil de Hannah Sullivan est une révélation : trois longs poèmes d'une intensité et d'une profondeur rares. Même si chaque poème peut se lire séparément, leurs points de rencontres extrêmement inventifs les unissent dans un tout cohérent. « Toi, très jeune à New York » saisit la grande ville américaine, dans la ramification de ses attraits. C'est une étude tendre et désabusée de la possibilité romantique, de la déception et de l'obstination de l'innocence. « En boucle avant l'instant t » commence par un départ vers la Californie pour se déployer en un essai, à la fois personnel et philosophique, sur la répétition et le retour chez soi. « Le bac à sable après la pluie » explore la naissance d'un enfant et la perte d'un père avec une clarté saisissante.
    La lecture de Hannah Sullivan est aussi exaltante que celle des grands poètes modernistes Eliot et Pound, avec la perspective unique d'une brillante voix féminine.
    Trois poèmes a été récompensé par le prestigieux T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry. C'est la deuxième fois dans l'histoire de ce prix qu'il est accordé à un premier recueil - une belle reconnaissance pour une nouvelle voix de la poésie.

    Jessi Randal walked away from her last relationship with a baby and a broken heart. Now, years later, the last thing this single mom wants is to give Windfall Island-and all its nosy residents-anything more to gossip about. But the moment she lays eyes on the tall, sexy stranger with the slow Southern drawl, she knows she's in delicious trouble . . .
    Holden Abbot is on the island to find the missing heir to the Stanhope family fortune. It's his job to charm as many secrets out of the town as possible. And if he can charm Jessi into his bed, even better. When all evidence points to her as the heir, a dangerous enemy sets his sights on Jessi and her son. Now Holden will have to risk everything to protect the family he's come to love.
    (90,000 words)

  • Anna Sullivan brings us the first book in her witty new contemporary romance series set off the coast of Maine.
    Maggie Solomon has always been one of Windfall Island's favorite daughters. A beautiful, passionate charter pilot who loves this remote Maine island, Maggie has never cared much for outsiders-until her latest passenger arouses the curiosity of the town . . . and something hot and irresistible in Maggie. With his long, lean looks and razor-sharp wit, the man is temptation itself.
    Cop-turned-PI Dexter Keegan is on a covert mission to solve the case that will make his career: uncovering the identity of the Stanhope heir, kidnapped nearly a century ago. No one on this fiercely protective island can know what he's doing, not even the spirited, blue-eyed beauty who infuriates-and excites-Dex. As the desire between them ignites, Maggie becomes the key to the case . . . and the target of an unknown enemy. Now Dex will do anything to protect the woman he's come to love-even risk his own life.

    Ten years ago, Paige Walker left her beloved home of Windfall Island to become an actress in Hollywood. Now she's coming back a star, honored with awards and beset by scandal. Escaping from a tabloid frenzy of gossip and lies, Paige wants nothing more than to surround herself with old friends. She never expected to meet an infuriating-and sexy-stranger . . . or to find herself in true danger.
    Brilliant attorney Alec Barclay came to Windfall to look for the kidnapped, long-lost heir to the Stanhope family fortune. What he finds is the most beautiful and enigmatic woman he has ever known. If his suspicions are correct, she's the heir he's been looking for . . . and the target of a deadly conspiracy. Drawn together by desire-but haunted by secrets of the past-Alec and Paige try to unlock a mystery as dangerous as it is irresistible. But every passion has a price . . .

  • This is a deliberately provocative book. It critiques current student behaviour management practices, seeks to explain the flawed assumptions that justify those practices, and proposes how things could be better for children in our schools if different practices were adopted. It is one of the few books to offer alternative ways of addressing the issues associated with student behaviour at school, and exposes the field to serious and sustained critique from both a research perspective and a children's rights ideological stance.
    The authors address the following questions:What ideas dominate current thinking on student behaviour at school?
    What are the policy drivers for current practices?
    What is wrong with common behaviour approaches?
    What key ideologies justify these approaches?
    How can we present ethical alternatives to current approaches?
    How can a human rights perspective contribute to the development of alternative approaches?
    In exploring these questions and some ethical alternatives to the status quo, the authors suggest practical ways to `answer back' to calls for more authoritarian responses to student behaviour within our schools.
    In doing so, the authors advocate for reforms on behalf of children, and in their interests.

  • This book challenges dominant thinking about early career teachers and their work. It offers an in-depth and critical analysis of policies concerning the work of early career teachers and how they are supported during this critical period, when they are highly vulnerable to leaving the profession. Moreover, the book provides examples from actual practice that illustrate how to help early career teachers make a successful transition into the profession. These practices promote early career teachers' development and help the profession as a whole to capitalize on the new knowledge and skills that these teachers bring to their classrooms and their students.The book is divided into two main parts. Part 1 deals with the difficult to define process of retaining early career teachers, and its respective chapters consider this broad issue from an international perspective. They explore how policies and practices have an impact on what happens in schools, and what it means to be a teacher and to teach. In turn, Part 2 focuses on the need to reconsider the policies and practices that create the `problem' of early career teachers, and offers alternative ways forward. Each chapter addresses a specific aspect of the early career teacher retention issue, contributing to a greater understanding of how we can rethink the work of early career teachers so that they can more successfully transition into the profession.